Daily Thought #4

When I was in college, I took this one foreign film class online. It was something I took for fun, an English elective to fill my degree requirements. Not all the films were enjoyable (in fact, there were only a few I watched which were even good enough to be called decent movies). However, I am glad I took thatclass simply because I discovered one type of foreign film that I still enjoy to this day: German Expressionist Films of the 1920s.

These films (like Metopolis and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) are exceptionally strange films, giving commentary to physiological insanity (making you question what is real and what is not) and “modern” society (like how workers are treated as merely wheels in a highly-tuned machine).

Not only are they great, dark films, but they are great inspiration for any writer. A little tidbit I learned is that Tim Burton often gets inspiration from German Expressionists Films, which tells you just how strange and curious they are. In fact, I may at one point write a whole article on this topic, but for now it is merely a thought.

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