Daily Thought #3

I get home from work today, exhausted and ready to collapse. It is cold and I do not even feel like writing this post. So, what do I do? I bundle in tons of sweaters and quilts, and get myself a cup of tea.

It got me thinking about: why do I and others I know rely on tea for comfort and relaxation? Is it because of the heat in the drink and how it literally warms us, or is there something more? I personally like to think that it is because it both alights the senses and calms them. The taste is sweat (unless you go for a black tea, which I rarely do), the aroma is soothing, and the feeling of heat as you cuddle the mug in your hands relaxes your muscles.

I never realized just how cool tea actually is. For those of you who don’t drink tea to relax, what do you do instead? And if you do drink tea, what is your favorite kind? Personally, mine is any flavor of fruit (orange, raspberry, etc.).

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