Daily Thought #2

I have not talked about this in my blogs yet, but I work in retail part time (it brings in money so I can continue focusing on my writing). And I have noticed something recently about customers. They are incredibly unhappy.

Now, keep in mind this is a new year. A new chance to create new goals and follow dreams. So why does everyone seem so miserable? In my opinion, it is because we put too much emphasis on the material world. Getting the newest iPhone. Stuffing ourselves with pop, coffee, and fast food. Buying Christmas presents like our life depends on it. It all seems a bit superficial. And it doesn’t make anyone happy. I know, I used to rely on the material world for my happiness.

There are so many things that we could be focusing on. Family. Friends. God (this coming from a Catholic perspective). Things that truly make us happy. So why give so much attention to such meaningless things that, in twenty years will not mean anything?

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